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Battle of Britain

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Untitled Document Battle of Britain Flying Jacket
R.A.F. Flying Jacket

The American aviator and parachute pioneer, Leslie Leroy Irvin, designed the legendary Irvin R.A.F. Sheepskin Flying Jacket.
As the altitudes which pilots could fly got higher and higher, the temperature in those altitudes got lower and lower- easily reaching sub-zero degrees.
This situation drove Irvin to create the R.A.F. Flying Jacket, which was approved by the Air Ministry in 1932.
As the demand for this jacket surpassed all of Irvin's expectiations, he had to enlist the services of subcontractors and started producing his jackets in the UK.

The jackets continued being popular, but with the war going on, supplies were getting more scarce - including the supplies needed for the jackets (especially the sheepskin).
Therefore, a more efficient use of the material received was devised.
The large sheepskin panels were made by piecing together smaller panels- which resulted in a variation of the original R.A.F. jacket by having more seams. These seams were then strengthened by sewing leather strips (piping) over them.

The "new" R.A.F. jacket still had the basic main design giving it all the comfort of the "original".

In the summer of 1940, the famous "Battle of Britain" air battle took place over Southern England and the channel.
These jackets were (also) worn during this event, and are therefore often reffered to as the "Battle of Britain" jackets.
This sheepskin jacket is produced by us exacly according to an original pattern. Our Battle of Britain Jackets also
received their own coloring- a somewhat lighter brown with a light reddish tint to it, and a darker brown sheep wool color
(see in the detail pictures)- which distinguishes it from the original R.A.F. Irvin Jackets.

· soft yet sturdy leather outside
· warm and cozy sheep wool inside- at least 15 mm thick
· authentic pattern and design
· up-turnable collar, securable with a buckle
· zippers at the sleeve ends
· adjustable leather belt/buckle at the waist
· under arm pleating for extra mobility
· two outer slash pockets- closable with zipper
· durable seams - strengthened with leather piping

Our own production ensures the highest quality and the fantastic price.

Available sizes: XS - 4XL (other sizes available on request)

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